Current language is: English (United Kingdom) Изпълнителна агенция "Медицински одит" - Submission of alerts

On 1 April 2019, the Executive Agency "Medical Audit" was closet EAMA functions were fully taken over by the Executive Agency "Medical Supervision"

Friday 21 Feb 2020

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Submission of alerts

WHAT YOU HAVE TO KNOW BEFORE SUBMITTING AN ALERT IN WHICH CASES YOU MAY SUBMIT A COMPLAINT OR ALERT TO EAMA? The alerts submitted online through the website of the Agency shall be treated as official documents and shall be filed in the Records Office. Please use the CYRILLIC alphabet to fill-in the form, so that your alert is processed correctly! Complete all the fields so that your alert is considered validly submitted. Your alert shall be reviewed by an administrator and you shall receive a response from the Agency.