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On 1 April 2019, the Executive Agency "Medical Audit" was closet EAMA functions were fully taken over by the Executive Agency "Medical Supervision"

Friday 21 Feb 2020

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Executive Agency "Medical Audit" MISSION


Executive Agency „Medical Audit“ /EAMA/ exercises control over the medical care provided to the citizens and monitoring over the activities of the medical treatment facilities, related to the compulsory and voluntary health insurance.


Promotion of constant improvement of the quality and safety of the medical care provided to the citizens and increasing the professionalism of all persons in the healthcare sector, thus guaranteeing the access of all Bulgarian citizens to high-quality, save, and effective medical care.


• To inspect the structure, the management, the activity, and the organization of the medical care provided in the medical treatment facilities.

• To inspect whether the patients’ rights are respected in the medical treatment facilities.

• To inspect the medical treatment facilities for compliance with the medical standards.

• To monitor the medical care quality for compliance with the approved medical standards.

• To audit the manner in which the medical treatment facilities spend the republican budget funds allocated to them.

• To carry out activities for the prevention of corruption acts and practices in the medical treatment facilities.


• To see to the provision of the basic healthcare package guaranteed by the National/Regional Health Insurance Fund, and to the provision of healthcare under contracts concluded between the insurers and the healthcare providers.