Current language is: Български (България) Изпълнителна агенция "Медицински одит" - Directorate "Administrative, Legal, Financial, and Information Assurance"

От 1 април 2019 г. Изхълнителна агенция "Медицински одит" беше закрита. Нейните функции изцяло се изпълняват от Изпълнителна агенция "Медицински надзор"

Сряда 23 Окт 2019

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Directorate "Administrative, Legal, Financial, and Information Assurance"

Stefan Hristov Anastasov - Director

1.organizes and controls the ingoing and outgoing documents, the documents registration and archiving activities;

2. conducts activities on human resources management, keeps and stores the employment records and the personal files of the Agency staff;

3. provides legal assistance, draws up and gives opinions on the legality of drafts of administrative instruments and contracts to which the Agency is a party;

4. performs legal representation functions;

5. organizes and coordinates the public procurement procedures;

6. organizes and performs financial and accounting activities in compliance with the requirements of the Accountancy Act, the Chart of Accounts of the Budget-funded Enterprises, the Unified Budget Classification and the accounting standards and guidelines applicable to budget-funded enterprises;

7. conducts accounting for revenue and expenditure by the complete budget classification and by the accounts of the Chart of Accounts of the Budget-funded Enterprises and the paragraphs of the Unified Budget Classification;

8. draws up Annual Draft Budget and three-year budget forecast of the Agency;

9. elaborates monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the budget implementation of the Agency;

10. draws up quarterly and annual trial balances and annual balance sheets;

11. organizes and manages the assets and the material and technical supply;

12. performs ceremonial and public relations activity;

13. provides automated information processing in collection, summarizing, and reporting the results from the Agency performance;

14. plans, organizes and coordinates the Agency policies, maintains and updates the Agency website;

15. organizes the training of the Agency staff;

16. organizes and assures the security and admission control regime, and the transportation service.